« From a “start-up” status to the one of a company aimed at developing innovative therapies through a cohesive and structured project with solid proofs of concept. »

Development of innovative medicines with curative potential in Immunology and Cancer.

Beta Innov SAS is an innovative Pharmaceutical Research and Development Company which was founded in March 2009 by patients’ families.

Beta Innov’s objective is to achieve a major therapeutic leap forward in the treatment of some autoimmune diseases and of Glioblastoma through the use of a physiological (Immunology) or metabolic (Glioblastoma) approach, avoiding the cost of gene therapies and the adverse events resulting from antibody therapies.

Innovative scientific approach of the project:Innovation

A new bioclinical concept in immunology based on a targeted approach for the HLA I complex. Regarding Glioblastoma, neuro-oncologists in their vast majority know the essential role played by the enzyme called LDH in the development of the pathology.

To date and to our knowledge, apart from Beta Innov, no scientific structure follows this approach.
Beta Innov Beta Innov has its headquarters and offices in Paris and is renting two laboratories (modules with L2 norms, P2) in the premises of the Institute for Regenerative Medicine and Biotherapy (IRMB) at CHU Saint-Eloi Hospital Montpellier.

An enthusiastic company with a strong cohesion of the founders and associates.

Beta Innov has about one hundred Associates. They all have a direct or indirect personal connection with autoimmune diseases and cancers.
Since the very first day, Beta Innov’s development is not exclusively aimed at generating return on investment. It also has the fierce determination to strongly impact the future of patients suffering from such diseases.