Current state of the art

There exists to date no specific treatment that would make it possible to balance, or cure auto-immune diseases for which corticosteroids, antimitotics or immuno-suppressors are most often prescribed. These pharmaceuticals are not specific to auto-immune diseases. The few medicines that today have been registered for the treatment of multiple sclerosis, for instance, although they bring evident improvement in some patients, are far from getting to grips with this condition adequately.

There is no treatment available for glioma, an orphan disease the prognosis of which is fatal at 15 months on standard treatments. New treatments such as avastin coupled with irinotecan (annual cost of treatment is 54 000 $), or new experimental approaches such as the use of recombinant proteins (Neopharm, USA) or vaccines (Oncophage, USA) are very expensive and do not significantly increase the median survival of patients.