Scientific Committee

Similar to a strategic orientation committee, the scientific committee is in charge of advising with in-depth scientific reflexion, providing contacts and suggesting long term orientations.

  • Pr. Miroslav Radman
    President of the Scientific Committee
    Member of the French Academy of Sciences.
    Director of the U571 INSERM research unit “Medical and evolutionary molecular genetics” at the Medical School (Necker – Enfants malades – Paris).
    Professor of Cell Biology at Paris V university.
    “I am convinced that the strategic approach is both highly original and realistic in addressing a number of common diseases associated with dysfunction of the cellular immunity system and a specific therapy…”
  • Pr. Dominique Charron
    Member of the Scientific Committee
    Director of INSERM UMRS unit 940 at Hospital Saint-Louis – University Paris-Diderot.
    Head of immunogenetics and histocompatibility services of Jean Dausset Laboratory* at Hospital Saint-Louis (Paris).
    *Awarded the Nobel Prize of Medicine in 1980 for the discovery of HLA system.
  • Pr. Jean-François Rossi
    Member of the Scientific Committee
    Haematology and Medical Oncology department at CHU Saint-Eloi (Montpellier).
    Certified in Haemotology, Rhumatology, Immunology, Internal Medicine & Medical Oncology.
    “My group opened collaboration with Beta-Innov and found that clinical development will be promising in different fields of research, including both autoimmune diseases and cancers.”